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Menu Tree Test
By Tushar G Kapila
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Some of the documentation:


public void init(java.lang.String url)
set up my array by loading url with Helper#getBase() as the base of URL

Should have called parentsSet() before.
init in class BasicBean
url - the relative URL path to load the properties file , if it has a semi colon then it means you are pointiung to the zip with the properties file and the properties file name in the zip is after the semi-colon like "r1/;" Need to set the parents - for base URL of Helper . If it is to be done on a seperate Thread then append "th:" - so the whole param passed will be like "th:r1/;"
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public java.lang.String message(java.lang.String msg,
                                java.lang.String msg2,
                                java.lang.String msg3)
our spl messages - data - with special flags
message in class BasicBean
msg - Will be :
  1. is @link #dataInit (first chat) if initing the data + the number menu rows
  2. is @link #dataAdd if adding data + the number row being set
  3. if neither of above then means end of data - Tree sets up rest of data and paints it self.

msg2 - in case 2 above will have the menu data String to be displayed like "Call Records"
msg3 - in case 2 above will have the node child data seperated with a | like "9|13"
Or nothing if it is a leaf node.

Doc version 0.3.2